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50 years of Couscous


At Couscous Yaya,


We favorQuality ingredients, grown sustainably. Working in close collaboration with our suppliers, we encourage the adoption of ethical practices, thus promoting the preservation of the environment and the well-being of producers.

The quality of our dishes is an unwavering priority. We are committed to maintaining high standards of preparation, preserving the authenticity of the traditional recipes for which our products are renowned.

Our employees are at the heart of our success. We strive to create a respectful work environment, providing fair conditions, professional development opportunities and promoting diversity and inclusion.

Aware of our responsibility towards the environment, we adopt eco-responsible production practices, reduce our waste and constantly explore sustainable packaging alternatives.

Contributing to the development of local communities is a pillar of our commitment. We actively support social, cultural and educational initiatives, investing in a stronger and more prosperous future.

We believe in transparency and communicate openly about our operations, CSR practices, progress and challenges. We invite our customers and partners to share this trajectory with us.

Beyond the delicacy of our dishes, we encourage a balanced diet. Providing educational information on nutrition and promoting dietary diversity are essential aspects of our commitment to the health of our customers.

Collaboration with our customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders is crucial. Together, we seek to drive continuous innovation and improve our CSR practices to meet the evolving needs of our society.

This COUSCOUS YAYA CSR policy is not simply a declaration, but a living commitment. We are convinced that these values strengthen our company and help create a better world. We look forward to sharing this journey with you, our valued customers and partners.

Nadir Yahia - Sales Manager at Couscous Yaya

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