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50 years of Couscous

Our history

The history of Couscous Yaya dates back to the year 1970, when Yaya, a enthusiast of Maghreb cuisine, decided to open a small restaurant in Liège, Belgium. Despite its humble beginnings, the restaurant quickly gained a reputation for its delicious and authentic dishes, particularly its couscous, which became the signature dish on the menu.

Yaya, coming from a family where culinary traditions are cherished, brought with him recipes passed down from generation to generation. His couscous, infused with traditional flavors, was prepared with care and featured a perfect combination of spices and quality ingredients. Customers came from far and wide to taste this unique culinary experience and discover the flavors of the Maghreb in Liège.

Over the years, the Couscous Chez Yaya restaurant enjoyed growing success, attracting fans of Mediterranean cuisine who appreciated Yaya's passion and authenticity.
However, his son didn't want his dad's creations to remain confined to the walls of the restaurant.
Aspiring to share the joy of food with as many people as possible, This is how the idea of offering Yaya's famous couscous as a prepared dish was born. The restaurant's beloved recipe, with its closely guarded secrets, has been adapted to be packaged while preserving the exceptional quality and flavor of Yaya's couscous. It was a bold bet, but success was not long in coming.

Yaya's prepared couscous has conquered the shelves of supermarkets across Liège and beyond. Customers can now experience the authentic taste of Yaya Couscous in the comfort of their home, while enjoying the convenience of the prepared meals.

Over time, the reputation of Couscous Yaya continues to grow, and our prepared meals conquer new territories, expanding into many local supermarkets. The commercial success has helped perpetuate Yaya's culinary legacy and introduce her cuisine to an even wider audience.

Today, Yaya prepared couscous is an invitation to a taste journey, offering an authentic oriental culinary experience to all who taste it. The story of Couscous Yaya, which began in the warmth of a small kitchen in Liège, continues to unfold with each tasty serving, leaving a delicious imprint in the homes of those who appreciate true Maghreb cuisine.

A story from Father to Son

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